Archiscent Subscription Set

Archiscent Subscription Set

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A set of three candles to set three moods.

Our all natural hand poured soy candles are presented in reusable tins with three new curated scents monthly. Each box is created with our unique signature fragrances and essential oils. 

The Archiscent Candle Set subscription is designed for human beings who live human lives. The entire project is constructed to offer you simple tools to help control your environment using your senses to help realign your mood or space. Maybe your kids (or your pets... or your partner) are storming around the house and you need to take a moment to reset the dynamic. To create a space for yourself. To wake up. To wind down.

Now you've got three gears to shift to easily, whenever it strikes you.

Options are the promise of change, right?

Shipped on a subscription basis.