Q: What if I don't like a scent? 

That's totally ok, and honestly, a little to be expected since we've all got our own biological predilection for certain smells. No problem––let us know, and we'll send you something different to try. More importantly, we'll make a note of it, and your customer profile will develop to suit your taste more perfectly.


Q: How does the subscription service work?

Subscription boxes have been curated just for you. Each box will contain three candles designed to invoke three different feelings like invigorating revival or calming restoration. Cancel at any time. 

Look to our signature scents to buy that one you loved so much, and let us know - we tailor the box to the client. 

  • One box per month, or scheduled by your choosing
  • Three 6oz soy candles
  • Subscribe as a gift and let them enjoy a gift that keeps on giving

    Q:Why are you guys courting me for feedback? I'm happy with I got!

    Because we like you. And because we want to make sure you keep getting what you like too! The more you let us know what worked (or didn't work) for you in your last shipment, the more information we have on how to design specifically for you. Feedback sessions take the form of an easy 3-minute quiz. No pressure, though. That would be a little counterproductive to what we're all trying to do here, wouldn't it? 


    Q: Return Policies?

    The short answer: Candles purchased from Archiscent can be returned if unused.

    The longer answer: We want to know what’s going on and then make it right, so contact us and let us know the issue and we will fix it.

    If you just know you want to return an unused candle, email our support team and request a return label. We will create a return shipping label, and the cost of your candle will be refunded after we receive it back. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from that refund.