How it Works

We curate the collection.
You give us feedback about what you like and don't like.
We tweak our understanding of what you're looking for, and give you what you need, baby.

Or there's the independent route: purchase smaller candles individually and once you find something you love, arrange your subscription to feature a three-pack of just that scent. Or get the big jar!

When you get to a product page, just set your preferences to the delivery frequency that works best for you––one-time, every 30 days, or every 90 days. You can cancel or adjust or postpone at anytime. So long as you're subscribed, they'll keep coming in the mail.





Subscribers get a lot of stuff. As a subscriber, you'll get regular shipments of candles to alter your disposition, first dibs on our new products, and the bonus element of surprise: you won't the exact same three candles every box.

However, that doesn't mean you won't get your favorite from last time ever again! You'll develop a personal customer profile based on your responses to the contents of each new box, which we'll adapt to what we send you each time.

We've got our finger on your pulse points.





What if I don't like a scent?

That's totally ok, and honestly, a little to be expected since we've all got our own biological predilection for certain smells. No problem––let us know, and we'll send you something different to try. More importantly, we'll make a note of it, and your customer profile will develop to suit your taste more perfectly.


Why are you guys courting me for feedback? I'm happy with I got!

Because we like you. And because we want to make sure you keep getting what you like too! The more you let us know what worked (or didn't work) for you in your last shipment, the more information we have on how to design specifically for you. Feedback sessions take the form of an easy 3-minute quiz. No pressure, though. That would be a little counterproductive to what we're all trying to do here, wouldn't it?